24 Dec

Through all the phases of human progress and development, the moon has been a constant source of guidance. It has always been a timekeeper for us, a calendar, a navigator for travelers and birds, a source of light during the nighttime, and much more.  

As time and research increased our knowledge, we also discovered the moon's role in controlling the tidal waves and our emotions. Hence, we understood the importance of moon phases on our well-being.  

The feminine quality of the moon is often compared to that of womanhood, where each cycle brings a new phase in your life. Understanding our connection with the moon can help us better harness its energy and improve our mental, physical, and spiritual state. It can help us develop habits that we need more of, be it self-love, compassion, gratitude, or reflection.  

A Ritual For Each Cycle Practicing certain rituals to align yourself with the moon cycle will help you dedicate time, attention, and focus on harnessing the energy you desire.  Creating certain rituals for each phase is also ideal for better understanding your cycles, needs, and wants. It will empower you to take advantage of the changing energies to shift your mental and spiritual mindset.  

Phase 1: New Moon During this phase, the moon is wholly darkened with no illumination as it prepares for a new cycle. This phase represents new beginnings, so use this time to set new goals and intentions, work on new projects, and sow the seeds for your plans.  Use this time to pause, reflect, let go, and welcome positive energies that will benefit your new beginning.

  Ritual To Practice To set new intentions, it is essential to reflect within to recognize what you want to achieve in this new moon cycle. Once you have the goals in mind, write them down in a journal. With the intentions set in a paper, repeat the goals as affirmations and end each sentence with  "and it will." By doing so, you will be putting your goals out in the Universe and manifesting your desires. Reflect on your previous intentions with each new cycle and update them accordingly. With gratitude and patience, you will witness your manifestations turn into reality. 

 Phase 2: Waxing Moon With the moon's illumination expansion comes a time for you to focus on your growth. After all the planning and goal setting during Phase 1, it is time to work on achieving those goals.  It is a good time to motivate and commit yourself to what you are hoping to achieve. However, it is essential to be realistic with your efforts and understand the importance of setting boundaries.  The waxing moon is the ideal time to focus on your transformation, nurture your inner self, and enjoy challenging yourself to grow.  

Ritual To Practice For this phase, we recommend using a Tarot or Oracle deck to find inspiration to fulfill your intentions. Once you have a deck in hand, take a deep breath and recall your intentions, then shuffle the deck.  Drawing two cards from the deck, use each to represent a different aspect of your intention. One should clarify your intentions, and the other should describe the action needed to fulfill the intent.  Whatever the card represents, sit with the message sent, and contemplate how you will implement it.  

Phase 3: Full Moon During this phase, the moon's entirety is illuminated and as bright as possible. This phase represents fulfillment, fertility, transformation, and abundance, with each aspect blooming and growing.  This is an ideal time to focus on your life as well. Reflect on things that bring you abundance and those that no longer serve you any purpose. Direct your energy to beneficial things and let go of loose strings.  Your intuition and psychic abilities will be heightened during this phase. Hence, connecting with your higher self and realizing what is beneficial, and releasing what no longer serves you is helpful.  

Ritual To Practice When the moon is at its highest, it radiates the most positive and pure energy. Your ritual during this phase should be to recharge your crystals.  Place your crystals in an area where the moon shines directly on them. Choose a clean, dry place and let the crystals absorb as much cosmic energy as possible in 48 hours.  The freshly cleansed and energized crystals will provide more efficient and long-lasting results. 

 Phase 4: Waning Moon During this phase, the moon's illumination lessens into a soft light. It represents a time of resting, relaxing, and recharging yourself. After a cycle of constantly working on fulfilling your intentions, it is now essential for you to find time to put a hold on life completely.  This is an excellent time to reflect on your previous goal and let go of old intentions. Focus on preparing yourself for new  intentions and the new lunar phase.  Declutter, cleanse, and heal to start a new phase of growth.  

Ritual To Practice The ideal ritual to practice is clutter cleansing, whether in your surroundings, mind, or spiritual journey. It is essential to go through this ritual since it can affect your energy which in turn will cause hindrance in your next cycle.  Setting realistic decluttering goals allows you to achieve a clean space that will enable growth. It is impossible to clean out your entire house or every aspect of yourself in one cycle, so sticking to your current goals and showing gratitude for what you have achieved is essential.  When the old goes out, the new comes in.  Ensure that you are keeping a clean space to follow the rituals of the cycle. A dedicated area to journal, meditate, or get inspiration from your Tarot or Oracle cards will help you work on your  intentions more efficiently. 

For beginners, it seems complicated to fit these rituals into your daily routine. But these rituals demand very little time and can bring incredible benefits to your life. Hence, it is essential to dedicate a part of your day to improve yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.