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Relaxation and Divination from the Comfort of Your Own Home


I offer a special blend of Distant Reiki and Divination services. Reiki and Divination work beautifully together.
I have taken my studies of Metapyshics and Reiki to create my own specialized Wax Scrying that creates powerful, in depth readings.

I specialize in Distant Reiki.
In 2021, I was given the honor of being a speaker for the Global Reiki Rays Summit.
Distant Reiki sessions are a wonderful way to relax your mind and body.
I am a Reiki Master Teacher and am also trained in NOW Reiki, Grief Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Reiki for Children.

Appointments are made around your schedule. Choose from a 30 minute session or a 60 minute session.
We will make contact via email discuss your intention for the session and when the time comes, you will choose a comfortable position to relax and enjoy while I connect with you through distant energy healing.

I have available recordings that are a combination of guided meditations that also allow you to visualize the hand positions to help you create a more complete and thorough session.
All appointments can be booked through my email:
Paypal is an accepted form of payment.


I offer a number of divination services, including, Wax Scrying, Black Mirror Scrying, Pendulum, Psychic Intuitive, Playing Cards, Stonespeaks and Oracle. I have had hundreds of satisfied customers.

Specialized Areas of Study, Trainings, Certifications, Accreditations

I have a PhD in Metaphysics from the World Metaphysics Association. I am a metaphysical practitioner in the following areas:
Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics
Advanced Reiki Master Teacher
Registered Metaphysician
Certified Metaphysical Practitioner
Registered Holistic Health Practitioner
Wellness Master Consultant
Accredited through World Metaphysical Society
Accredited through The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers
Member of Natural Healers Society
Registered Yoga Instructor
Reiki Distance Healing Specialist
Pets and Animals Reiki Master
NOW Reiki Master
Crystal Reiki Master Teacher
ShambalaKids Teen Meditation Teacher
Certified Intuitive Medium
Certified Divination Master
Certified Aura Therapist
Certified Tarot Master
Certified Spirit Guide Communicator
Certified Astral Projection Facilitator
Real Manifesting Practitioner
Certified Akashic Records Reader
Certified Totem Animal Practitioner
Certified Animal Communicator
Certified Soul Discovery Coach
Certified Ideal Weight Coach
Certified StoneSpeak Facilitator
Certified PlantSpeak Practitioner
Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner
Certified Dowsing Master
Certified Paranormal Investigator
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist


I offer a wide range of services.
30 and 60 Minute Distant Reiki Sessions
Distant Reiki for Pets
Wax Scrying
Animal Communication
Akashic Records Reading
Mediumship Readings
Black Mirror Scrying
Tarot Email Readings
Tarot Video Readings
Pendulum Readings

Reiki is not a replacement for regular medical treatment. Please see your physician for any medical issues.
Divination is for entertainment purposes.
All serives are non-refundable due to the amount of energy that goes into the services.


If Interested in any service, please send an email, with any questions, to I will send an invoice to you. Readings will be done within 24 hours of receiving payment.



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Weekly and Monthly Forecasts


I blend Reiki, Divination with a love and respect for nature and a belief in magic. The interconnectedness of all things on this Earth is foremost in my mind when I use energy to heal, divine, or manifest.
I have my PhD in Metaphysics and a Reiki Master Teacher. I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Master Consultant, Metatphysician and am accredited through two organizations. I am accredited through World Metaphysical Society and The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers. I am also an active member of Natural Healers Society
I have been recognized as one of the “world-wide reiki visionaries” through Reiki Rays. I was a presenter at their 2021 Reiki Rays Summit.
I am also one of their featured authors. Additionally, I am a co-author with Mellisa Dormoy for the book, “Easy Mindfulness for Today’s Teens”. I have certifications in many areas (please see below for a full listing)
I’m a lifelong believer in learning and passionately seek out more knowledge that I can then share with my clients.
I love connecting with people and sharing my gifts. I believe the world is full of limitless
possibilities, and, with the right guidance and direction, you will find your true path in this life.. I
look forward to working with you.

All Psychic Readings/Healing's/Meditations are for Entertainment Purposes Only
You, as a Client are personally responsible for your own actions.
Any Reading or Healing/Meditation you receive is never a substitute for Medical Advice. We are not Physicians. Please seek a Medical Expert for these Questions
Any Information that you receive is not legally binding. Myself, Carrie Anderson, CaresReiki and Divination will not be held liable for any actions that you decide to take due to any information you receive.
I can assume no legal liability for damages, losses or consequences of any members decisions, subsequent to or based on any Readings, Healing's or Meditations.
You the Client/Member agree to these terms by Purchasing a Reading or Healing or any Service on this Site.
CaresReiki and Divination
Entertainment Purposes Only.
I do not offer Refunds on any of our Services due to the time and energy given.