I blend Reiki and Divination with a love and respect for nature. I believe in the magic of working with animal and plant allies. The interconnectedness of all things on this Earth is foremost in my mind when I use energy to heal, divine, or manifest. I have created my own line of Reiki, called, "Green Wisdom Reiki".
Green Wisdom Reiki is a perfect blending of Nature and Energy Healing.
Green Wisdom Reiki uses intuitive and innate knowledge intertwined with Elemental, Plant and Animal Spirits. I work closely with plant and animal allies and their corresponding energies to create holistic readings and healings. As an animist, I respect and honor all aspects of Nature and sense the spirit and sentience of all beings.
A deep connection and respect to Nature infuses all of my work.
I was a featured guest speaker for Reiki Rays Global Summit in 2019. My topic was on Distant Reiki and Divination. I wrote and spoke the guided meditation for Reiki Rays Global Summit for 2019 and 2020.
I am a featured author at Reiki Rays. Wendy Gardner interviewed me for her podcast and asked me to share my practice of Animal Reiki. I'm a resident writer for Witch Magazine and have also had one of my stories shared through Heather Sanderson's Majestic Wisdom Publishing blog.