I blend Reiki and Divination with a love and respect for nature. I believe in the magic of working with animal and plant allies. The interconnectedness of all things on this Earth is foremost in my mind when I use energy to heal, divine, or manifest.
I have my PhD in Metaphysics and am a Reiki Master Teacher. I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Master Consultant, and a Metatphysician. I am accredited through World Metaphysical Society and The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers. I am also an active member of Natural Healers Society
I have been recognized as one of the “world-wide reiki visionaries” through Reiki Rays. I was a presenter at their 2021 Reiki Rays Summit. I am also one of their featured authors.
Additionally, I am a co-author with Mellisa Dormoy for the book, “Easy Mindfulness for Today’s Teens”.
I have certifications in many areas (please see below for a full listing).
I am a writer at Witch Zine, an online publication.
I’m a lifelong believer in learning and passionately seek out more knowledge that I can then share with my clients.
I love connecting with people and sharing my gifts. I believe the world is full of limitless
possibilities, and, with the right guidance and direction, you will find your true path in this life.. I
look forward to working with you.

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CaresReiki and Divination
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I do not offer Refunds on any of our Services due to the time and energy given.