Carrie did a 30 minute Distance Reiki session for me. I definitely felt the ongoing session. The revelations brought me to tears twice. I am also a Reiki practitioner. I knew one of the chakras that she worked extensively on. I feel more pulled together than I did going in. I know the effects are different for everyone. I expect more things are coming, as it can take several days to assimilate all the incoming energy. Thank you so much for sharing your energy to help me continue with my healing journey! 


 Thank you so much for the session this morning, and for the additional notes. The session was quite healing for me, and your notes on the chakras make sense. Thank you for sharing your beautiful light and energy 


 Carrie, Thank you so much. It's taken me a few days to on point and insightful. Once again I'm amazed by your talent and connections. 


 I had heard of wax readings before but had never had one. Since I like trying new things, I decided to go for it, when I saw a review from a client in a Reading group. Man, am I glad that I did! The reading was insightful, gave great advice, and very helpful. It helped me to see into a situation, that I make worse than it is because of my own fears. Thank you!! 


 Carrie recently did a wax/stone/mirror reading for me, prompted by a question posed by me. Her response was comprehensive, thought provoking and full of solid guidance to help me see through a major life transition for which I am preparing. Am currently pinning together steps (meditations, actions etc) as per Carrie's wise suggestions and am excited for the future ! Thank you Carrie for sharing your gifts! 


 Carrie has done some master level readings and interpretations with wax divination that were the most impressive I have seen in all my years practicing and teaching divination. Her work is ethical, in Divination and related courses I have mentored her in, and I highly recommend her. She knows what is professional and what is off limits in the public realm, and knows how to keep outcomes confidential. She has demonstrated in working with me and her practice clients she has a high set of morals and ethics that she uses every time she approaches this work. I hope you can use Carrie in the future. Dawn Grey, President, World Metaphysical Association 

World Metaphysical Association