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I absolutely love to use Reiki with my Divination practices. I use Reiki in several different ways during a divination session. First, for grounding myself. Then, I do a short Reiki session with the querent’s approval. Third, I use Reiki energy to cleanse the different divination sets between each use.

The forms of divination that I regularly practice are varied.

First, is wax scrying. This is where a candle is lit, the querent’s question is asked. The candle is then extinguished and the melted wax is poured into a bowl of water. The symbol that is created is then interpreted.

My second favorite form of divination is black mirror scrying. I used a vintage metal frame, painted the glass black to create a reflective surface like a mirror. This is another form of scrying where images, sounds, or messages are received through the mirror.I also use a system called StoneSpeaks that uses twenty-two crystals that represent the Major Arcana from Tarot.Playing cards, dice, pendulum, intuitive readings, and psychic readings are also part of my divination practice.Prior to the beginning of the divination session, I do a self-Reiki session. This cleanses my aura, grounds me, and also helps create a state of mind that helps me to enter a trance like state. It is a time for quieting my mind, centering myself, and focusing on opening up my Third Eye chakra. I never start a divination reading without first doing a self-Reiki session.

My divination services all involve Reiki. I send Reiki to the question that is being asked so that it can be answered for the clients highest good. I send Reiki to the medium (cards, dice, wax, tarot) so that the reading is imbued with Reiki energy and will serve the clients highest good.

A final step before actually doing the reading also involves Reiki. It’s at this time that I use the energy to create a link between our Third Eye chakra. This is excellent for psychic intuitive readings. Once I feel a firm, stable connection I then begin the reading.

I close out my divination sessions by thanking the Reiki energy for allowing me to channel it for such a specific purpose. I cleanse the room  with white energy based on Reiki. This is to make sure no unwanted energies remain in the room. A cord-cutting is also part of my regimen. As is, the dry brush where I brush clean my etheric layers.

My final step is to use Reiki energy to cleanse and protect my divination tools. This allows them to be stored without any issues. They are ready for use for another reading.I can’t think of my divination practice without Reiki being an integral part. It creates a stronger connection, more accurate readings, and keeps me grounded.

Article Written by Carrie Anderson Ph.D and RMT

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