Readings are done using intuitively selected tree allies and a variety of tree themed tarot and oracle decks. Readings are $5 per card/stone unless otherwise specified

  • Category: Flora and Fauna Intuitive Readings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




Using an in depth knowledge of mystical and metaphysical tree meanings alongside intuitively selected tree allies with your chosen tree themed tarot or oracle deck.

Receive guidance from the wisdom of Gaia's guardians. 

$5 per card in each layout. Multiple layouts are available and described below. Please select the layout and deck that calls to you. Contact me through this website to schedule your reading. 

Tarot of Trees

Tree Lore Oracle

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Send a message through the contact portion of this website. We will schedule a time for your reading. Payment is expected 24 hours prior to the reading. Paypal is accepted and invoice will be sent to your email address. The reading will be sent to you in a PDF to your email address within 24 hours of completion.