This very special deck is indigenous made using hand-drawn images from remote parts of Alaska

  • Category: Flora and Fauna Intuitive Readings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




The Gentle Tarot is a compassionate caring deck that seeks to reconnect us to all living beings. 

Excerpt from the author

Having grown up with ceremony and daily rituals that connect us with the elements, songs that ancestors sang with words and sounds that speak to this connection, I am inspired to share the love, honor, and respect that our planet is due. It is my hope that the love embedded in my work can serve as a reminder of this connection so that we may feel supported by our natural environment and also responsible for its well-being. Heal your self, heal the earth.

Multiple layouts are available

Readings are $5 per card in each specified layout. A three card reading would be $15. Please use the contact link on this website to schedule a reading.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. All readings will be completed 24 hours after receiving payment (through paypal only). Readings will be sent to your email in a PDF.