The Stones Speak Gemstone Guidance system features 44 stones that help facilitate communication with your Higher Self.

  • Category: Flora and Fauna Intuitive Readings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




I am a certified StoneSpeaks Master Consultant having taken courses through the World Metaphysical Institute. StoneSpeaks Gemstone Guidance System was created by my mentor, Aruna Dawn.

It is a wonderful tool for intuitive guidance, divination, meditation and more.

44 crystals and gemstones, based on the Major Arcana, are intuitively selected for your reading.

Offerings from StoneSpeaks are:

Mount Everest

*Personal Challenges

* Lesson of the Day

*Inspiration and Motivation

1 stone will be selected to help you gain insight into a current issue. An affirmation for this stone will also be provided.

The Continental Divide:

*Decision making

*Transcending from the mundane to the spiritual

*Evaluating who you are now from who you were

Two stones will be selected to help you gain clarity and insight. Affirmations will be selected for each stone.

The Great Pyramid

*Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

*Past-Present-Future Analysis

Three stones will be selected to guide you with mind, body and spirit

1—Body—Your physical self, the physical or concrete aspects of the question

2—Mind—Your intellectual understanding and thoughts about the issue

3—Spirit—Your Higher Self, the Divine influences affecting the issue

Affirmations will be sent for each stone


*Life Path Manifestation

*Personal Exploration

*Soul Journeys

This reading is based on four geological areas of importance in Sedona.

1) Boynton Canyon –The Earth-What is Here and Now

2--Bell Rock-Thoughts, Desires, and Communications

3-- Cathedral Rock—Past Life Connections

4—Airport Mesa—Action required for Manifestation

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Send a message through the contact portion of this website. We will schedule a time for your reading. Payment is expected 24 hours prior to the reading. Paypal is accepted and invoice will be sent to your email address. The reading will be sent to you in a PDF to your email address within 24 hours of completion.