This was created using my divination experience and with the aid of my nature allies. It's far different from other types of readings. It blends divination, scrying, intuition, nature allies, bone throwing, crystals, naturally found objects, ethically sourced objects and more to create a holistic look at one's life and journey, spiritually, physically and emotionally

  • Category: Flora and Fauna Intuitive Readings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




Using natural pieces (such as bone, nests, shells, fossils, crystals, fungi, bark etc) and symbolic pieces (such as charms, vintage figurines) I will create, using intuition and a pendulum, a layout of your general question, life layout, or specific question.

This layout is then read and described in a PDF. 

Then using specific pieces, that have been chosen just for this reading,from my collection, I will use a charm/bone throwing technique. Pieces will be read based on how they have landed, their relationship to other items in the reading and how all items work together to form a holistic reading.

An animal ally, and perhaps a plant ally will reveal themselves and how they can be of assistance in the future. Spirit guides can also appear during areas where they might have been of great help.