30 Minute Distant Green Wisdom Reiki, 30 Minute Intuitively Chosen Crystal Enhanced Cleansing and Charging of the Earth Soul Chakra, Plant Spirit Oracle Reading (Three cards)

  • Category: Green Wisdom Offerings
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours


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Choose the time of the month that you would like to receive:

1. 30 Minute Distant Green Wisdom Reiki

2. 30 Minute Intuitively Chosen Crystal Enhanced Cleansing and Charging of the Earth Soul Chakra

3. Plant Spirit Oracle Reading (Three cards) 

Every five months of paid session you will then receive the next month's session for free...( Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, Month 4, and Month 5 are $30 each then Month 6 would be free.)

Payment to be received before the services are rendered. No refund due to time and energy of the sessions. Payment will be through Paypal. Each month you would need to accept the invoice and send payment prior to the session.

 A Green Wisdom Reiki  Distant Session calls upon Nature Spirits, elemental, plant, and animal energies to be channeled into the intuitive healing session. After the Reiki session, I will then move on to cleansing and charging the Earth Soul Chakra. The Earth Soul Chakra allows our soul to connect with the Mother Earth.

A three card reading to offer guidance and insight will then be done using a Plant Spirit Oracle deck.

Please email me to schedule your at psychicmediumcarrie@gmail.com

During the session, no phone or zoom will be used. This is a time to focus on your comfort in your own home.  You can find a relaxing position, meditate, and set an intention. Allow your etheric body and higher self to receive the healing and any messages that may come through during the distant session. 

After the session, I will write out all notes, impressions, and messages received from the Green Wisdom Reiki, Earth Soul Chakra Charging and Plant Spirit Oracle Card Reading session. Please allow 24 hours for me to send the documentation to your email in a PDF file.