Chakra Cleansing with Plant Energies. Plant Spirits chosen for each chakra to aid in the cleansing.

  • Category: Green Wisdom Offerings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours


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 During this chakra cleansing  I will call upon my plant  to assist in choosing complementary  plant energies to work with each chakra (using the 7 chakra system a different plant will be selected for each chakra).

This is a distant energy healing session specifically aimed at clearing and balancing the main seven chakras. 

During the session you will connect remotely, there is no need for a phone or zoom. You will be able to rest and relax in your home to meditative music of your choice. I have a special chakra layout that I will use to connect on an energetic level to you. 

Using a variety of tools, including a pendulum, crystals, and oils I will first map your chakra system. 

From there, I will work on each chakra to help clear any blockages or stagnation. After the session, I will email you a PDF of the session notes including which plants were chosen for each chakra and how they assisted in the cleansing.