Distant Activation of the Soul Star, Earth Star, and Earth Soul Chakras.

  • Category: Green Wisdom Offerings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




     Activation of Gaia Chakra System ( this is made of; Soul Star, Earth Star, Earth Soul). These three higher chakras transcend our physical body and connect our subtle body to the Realm of the Spirit and Mother Earth. They allow us to understand our true purpose, experience our life as a spiritual being, and see our place in Gaia.  These chakras may be activated if your 7 main chakra system is cleansed and aligned.

The Gaia Gateway, or, Earth Soul and the Minor chakra known as the Earth Star work together. As their names might imply, these two chakras areas are integral to our connection to Earth. The Earth Soul Chakra allows our soul to connect with the the Mother Earth.  Our Earth Star chakra is what literally connects us to the Earth below our feet and keeps us grounded in a endless circuit of energy exchange between ourselves and the Earth.

     The Soul Star chakra connects us to the Spirital Realm and the Universe as a whole.  Your Divine connection and your souls purpose lies here.

This activation creates a infinite loop of continuity from the Earth Below,  through your Subtle Energetic Body, and to the Universe Above.

During the session you will connect remotely, there is no need for a phone or zoom. You will be able to rest and relax in your home to meditative music of your choice. I also can share, through dropbox or a Google Drive, 60 minutes of meditative music.

Please email me at greenwisdomreiki@gmail.com to schedule your appointment.

A pdf  handout on each chakra, their location, notes on how to tell if it is balanced (or not), imagery that you can use to sense the energetic flow of the Gaia Chakra System, and crystals that correspond to each of these Higher Chakras will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your session.