Readings using Tarot of Bones, Skull Scrying or Bone Throwing

  • Category: Flora and Fauna Intuitive Readings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




The Tarot of Bones is a very special deck created by Lupa. This deck and book were a gift to me and are inscribe by the creator, Lupa. I own all of her writings and am quite inspired by her.m. 

Horse Spread-8 card spread that looks at the whole system. This reading looks at the present situation instead of the past or future.

Wolf Pack Spread-8 card spread is used for interpersonal or relationship inquiries.

Five Classes Spread-5 card spread based on the five classes in the vertebrae-mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. This spread is to help guide with coming of age, or new situations.

Bone Throwing-the bones I use are ethically sourced and not in the quasi-ethical sense nor are they a by-product of animal slaughter. The se bones are either ones that I found while walking on a trail (ones that I am legally allowed to own), or have been collected from friends. My bone throwing set includes multiple bones from a mink that lived with a wildlife educator. Horse hair collected from a wild mustang, a snake spine, coyote tailbone, fish scales and otoliths. Bone Throwing is an intuitive reading and I will only do one if I feel the animal spirits are willing to participate.

Skull Scrying-scrying is a form of reading that uses reflective surfaces. In this instance, a mink skull (please see bone throwing for information on how the mink was sourced) is used and images are seen/reflected by shadows cast with candlelight. Again, this is not a service that is always offered and will depend on if the spirit of this mink is willing. Otherwise the skull is regularly honored on my altar.

 Bone Throwing and Skull Scrying prices are dependent on several factors.

Tarot of Bone readings are $5 per card. All readings will be done within 24 hours of payment. Payement is through Paypal. You will received a PDF of your reading to your email. Please email me with the deck and spread of your choice, or one can be intuitively selected, and the question that you are reflecting upon. An invoice will be sent to you.