Readings using one of my many animal based oracle or tarot decks. Readings are $5 per card/stone unless otherwise specified

  • Category: Flora and Fauna Intuitive Readings
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




Crow Tarot- intuitive reading using crow and raven imagery. Using 8 cards to form the special Crow Tarot Spread  1-Heart Energy, 2-Present Energy, 3-Energy Holding You Back or Helping You, 4-Hopes/Fears, 5. Grounding Energy/Advice, 6-Lesson from the Past, 7. External Openings or Obstacles, 8-Future/Outcome

Woodland Wardens- 52 card oracle deck inspired by history, folklore and mythology with insights rooted in the magic of flora and fauna. The Seasons Spread uses four cards to show; 1-Past Season, 2-Current Season, 3-Next Season, 4-Following Season.

Spirit Animal Tarot Deck created by well known psychic animal communicator, Dawn Brunke. This tarot deck allows for animal led teachings and guidance. Bear Pause Spread uses six cards to help one gather insight before making a move. It's helpful if one is stuck or uncertain about a situation.

SpiritSong Tarot Deck-While all tarot decks can be used as oracle decks this one was specifically created to be used either way. This gorgeously illustrated deck has a calming nurturing presence and is based on Shamanic symbolism. The SpiritSong Tree of Life spread uses ten cards to help you identify your life's paths.

Readings are $5 per card. All readings will be done within 24 hours of payment. Payement is through Paypal. You will received a PDF of your reading to your email. Please email me with the deck and spread of your choice, or one can be intuitively selected, and the question that you are reflecting upon. An invoice will be sent to you.