A brief course on the seven layers of the aura, their colors, with practice exercises to see the aura and how to protect yourself from being drained.

  • Category: Psychic by Nature School
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours


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Each Module is about one of the seven layers of the aura. There is information about the aura,  the functions of that aura,  and it's form and structure.

There is a module about the aura colors and their meanings. Find three ways to protect your aura.  Discover how an aura might be drained and how to seal your aura.

Resources include articles that I've written regarding aura's.

This course is in Google Classrooms

It's completely self-paced and for informational purposes only. No refunds will be issued. Lifetime access. Course is text only.

Please email me at psychicmediumcarrie@gmail.com

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