Reiki 2 is only if you wish to continue your Reiki journey. With Reiki 1, you have all that you need to use Reiki for yourself, friends, and family. In Reiki 2, you will learn how to do distant healings and learn the symbols that are sacred to Reiki.

  • Category: Psychic by Nature School
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




If you are interested in taking Reiki 2 then you must have completed Reiki 1 with either myself or another instructor.

Prior to taking my Reiki 2 course, I do ask that you first take the Aura course that I offer. 

This course is completely online, in Google Classroom, self paced and you have lifetime access.

There are no grades nor assignments that you must turn in. There are assignments, reading materials, and exercises that you must work through but I will not be grading them. I am available if you have questions.  I have made this course to be very in depth with a wide variety of resources. I have used online resources and curated a well rounded Reiki 2 course will keep the price accessible.

There is a lot of practice on your part and learning the symbols will take a significant amount of time.