A week long, at home journey that has several energy healings and incorporates plant energy, healing, and an attunement to open your up to the being able to communicate with plants

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  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




Green Wisdom Plant and Energy Healing Journey

May the Plants Speak Their Wisdom to You, Now and Always.      

In this program, I will assist you in gaining an energetic alignment with the Plant Kingdom. This will enable you to call upon them as your fellow beings, helpers, and guides. It will also help you to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being without the need to grow, harvest, or purchase any plant or remedy. 

At the heart of this journey is several distant energy healing sessions paired with plant energies. This journey begins with a guided meditation. Then you will have an aura scan and cleansing using plant energies.

 It is then followed by a chakra clearing with an intuitively selected plant energy for each chakra. 

After, I will activate your Gaia Chakra System to establish your connection to the Universe and Mother Earth. 

      I will perform a Plant Ally attunement that opens up the etheric connection between yourself and the plant kingdom. 

A healing distant reiki session will follow the attunement. You will be given several short exercises and tips for communicating and astral journeying with plants.

      The Tree Spread from the Mystical Mushroom Divination deck, which includes a three-card reading is the final step.

The healing is in the spirit of the plant, its aura, and its life force. Plants have a vibration that can be called upon for assistance. Conversely, we can share our energy to offer the same services to plants.

I wanted to be able to create  a method in which you align with the plant, herb, flower, or tree without ingesting it in some way or using its smoke or scent. With this simple system now you can. This not only empowers you with the entirety of the plant kingdom but allows you to call upon any or all of them for purposes that will make themselves known to you intuitively as well. 

Please note that to simplify matters, I am using the term “Plant Kingdom” to include non-plant organisms like fungi and lichen. I primarily use my communication skills with fungi and lichen. When I do the attunement, I do include them in the process. However, to be brief, I refer to this system as “Plant Ally”.

Green Wisdom is a way of life as well as a modality of spiritual energy healing because it helps us to become fully aware of our own true nature and to live accordingly in what can be a life-long journey. This is a connection on an etheric level between the spirits of humans and plants.

The plants are our companions for life. They guide, heal, and help us along the way. They also assist with issues of intention and humility, reminding us that ultimately, we are in service to the oneness of Earth or Gaia. 

Green Wisdom Plant Healing seeks to create a mutual partnership where we can see plants as an integral part of this world and not just for our personal use. A key part of this practice is respecting, honoring, and asking for permission from the plants. 

Additionally, while this is a practice built on communicating and partnering with plants in a vibrational energetic way, it is a way to show love and care for the plants we meet on a daily basis. One should move towards using this new ability to not just expect plants to serve us, but to also see how we can serve plants. There must be a balance in the energetic flow. Green Wisdom Planty Ally Journey asks that we seek out a new way of relating to plants. To view them as living beings.

In Plant Journey I work with the vital life force of the plant, otherwise known as spirit. The conscious spirit of the plant directs the energy, allowing healing and communication to take place efficiently and effectively. 

Plants and trees have a direct line to source energy. This source of energy is powerful and Universal.

What are some possible outcomes of this Green Wisdom Journey:

*Clear, strengthen and balance the aura, chakras,  and other aspects of our energy systems

*Calm and soothe the heart, mind, spirit, and soul during times of stress and tension

*Help us clarify our self-identity, and deepen self-awareness of our earth journey.

*Enhance our ability to be more conscious of the planet and elements

*Connect us with an innate understanding of our vital life force needs

*Empower the individual with the ability to communicate with the plants

This entire journey will take seven days. Days 2, 3, 4, and 5 we will schedule a time where we can connect energetically. This journey is done distantly. You will receive PDF reports on each energy healing session within 24 hours of that particular session.

Day 1  

     Receive a 27 minute Reiki Infused Guided Meditation (mp3 through email as a Google Drive link)  to become grounded, relaxed, and begin the introspective journey towards becoming attuned to the Plant Kingdom. If you feel called to journal this journey then use this meditation as part of your journaling.

Day 2 

     A Distant Aura Reading and Cleansing will be scheduled. This will occur with an energetic connection while you are in the comfort of your own home. (There is no need to use Zoom or the phone).  All you have to do is find a comfortable, relaxing position for the 30 minutes  and set the intention to be open to receiving the  Green Wisdom healing energy to  serve your body, mind and spirit! I will be accessing your etheric layers (auras) to check for any areas that might have leakages, holes, or drains. I will use Green Wisdom energy healing on your aura. Holes or leaks in the aura can cause energy seepage. (Holes or leaks can result in feeling drained, fatigued and weakened). I use a variety of earth based tools to help heal and balance your aura, including crystals, essential oils, shells, a kyanite pendulum and more. I work on an intuitive level with a psychic connection.

Day 3 

     This day holds a distant energy healing session specifically aimed at clearing and balancing the main seven chakras. I add a very special Green Wisdom touch by incorporating flower healing energy. I will match each of your chakras with a flower energy to create another layer of Gaia based healing. During the session you will connect remotely, there is no need for a phone or zoom. You will be able to rest and relax in your home to meditative music of your choice.  I will first map your chakra system. From there, I will work on each chakra to help clear any blockages or stagnation. During the Chakra Healing portion, I will divine which flower energies are appropriate. There will be one flower per chakra for a  total of seven flower energies aligned to you. After the session, I will email you a PDF of the session notes including which flower energies were chosen and how they connect to the chakra system.

Day 4 

     Activation of Gaia Chakra System ( this is made of; Soul Star, Earth Star, Earth Soul). These three higher chakras transcend our physical body and connect our subtle body to the Realm of the Spirit and Mother Earth. They allow us to understand our true purpose, experience our life as a spiritual being, and see our place in Gaia.

The Gaia Gateway, or, Earth Soul and the Minor chakra known as the Earth Star work together. As their names might imply, these two chakras areas are integral to our connection to Earth. The Earth Soul Chakra allows our soul to connect with the the Mother Earth.  Our Earth Star chakra is what literally connects us to the Earth below our feet and keeps us grounded in a endless circuit of energy exchange between ourselves and the Earth.

     The Soul Star chakra connects us to the Spirital Realm and the Universe as a whole.  Your Divine connection and your souls purpose lies here.

This activation creates a infinite loop of continuity from the Earth Below,  through your Subtle Energetic Body, and to the Universe Above.

During the session you will connect remotely, there is no need for a phone or zoom. You will be able to rest and relax in your home to meditative music of your choice.

A pdf  handout on each chakra, their location, notes on how to tell if it is balanced (or not), imagery that you can use to sense the energetic flow of the Gaia Chakra System, and crystals that correspond to each of these Higher Chakras will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your session

Day 5 

This session begins with an attunement to the Plant Kingdom to allow access to your plant allies and to foster developing a special connection to any plant on an energetic level. The attunement will be immediately followed by a 30 minute Distant Reiki session. . During the session you will connect remotely, there is no need for a phone or zoom. You will be able to rest and relax in your home to meditative music of your choice.

You will recieve a short personal meditation (pdf)  that you may use on your own if you ever want an extra Green Wisdom Plant boost. You will receive a list of plants with a couple of metaphysical properties for each plant. A short handout to explain how you can use the energetic signature of a plant to create essences. Additionally, a PDF report of your Reiki session will be sent to you via email.

Day 6 

This is a day of personal journeying for you. I will send you several written visualization exercise to help you access your own plant ally (allies), astral journeying with a plant, meditating with plants and practicing communicating with plants.

Day 7 

 Day 7 concludes with a three card reading from Mystical Mushrooms: A Natural Divination Tool. The Forest Spread  receives messages from the Trees, The Fae, and Nature Spirits. You will receive this reading in a PDF file to your email

*All PDF reports will be sent within 24 hours of the accompanying session