This is a distant aura cleansing and balancing session - all you have to do is find a comfortable, relaxing position for the 30 minute and set the intention to be open to receiving the healing energetic session so that can serve your body, mind and spirit! I will be accessing your etheric layers (auras) to check for any areas that might have leakages, holes, or drains. If I sense these disturbances then I will use energetic healing to heal that layer of the aura. Holes or leaks in the aura can cause energy seepage. This can result in feeling drained, fatigued and weakened. I use a variety of tools to help heal and balance your aura, including crystals, essential oils, color therapy, pendulum, and work on an intuitive level with a psychic connection. After the session, I will send a PDF report to you to describe what I felt, saw, or sensed during the session, steps taken, and any tools that were used.

  • Category: Energy Healing Offerings
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours