28 Jan

Fungi, Lichen, Polypores, Mycelium....

 I spend weekends walking and hiking looking for fungi (and lichen). Cemeteries, nature, cement sidewalks, along riverbanks, and tree bark.

Capturing the images with my lens and sketchbook. After thousands of encounters fungi are a physical and spiritual ally.Multiple layers and multiple meanings. 

Clinging onto a granite monument, decomposing a deceased tree to enrich the forest environs. Symbiotic mutualistic or  parasitic relationship. 

Fungi are part of and unlike our own.

Primeval and primitive. Etheric and telluric. Neither animal nor plant.

Fungi intuitive readings are built on a lifelong foundation of fascination and inquisitive nature.Using fungi inspired tarot and oracle decks, readings are infused with fungi spirit intuitive messages.

I have multiple decks based on fungi. Tarot and oracle decks are available. 

Inquire at greenwisdomreiki@gmail.com

Multiple fungi inspired spreads are available and price is dependent on the amount of cards used in each spread.

Three Spore Spread (3 cards) to help you find the objective, outcome and opposition to your query

Three Forest Spreads (3 cards) this reading connects us to messages from trees, fae and nature spirits

Mycelium Spread (6 cards) this reading is geared towards a reading that for one specific situation and how that one idea is spread out and amplified in your life

The Roots Spread (8 cards) This spread is meant to help you understand your ancestors, how to understand them and offers wisdom from your spiritual lineage

Fairy Ring Spread (10 cards) This reading takes a detailed look at ten events throughout the year.

The Awen Spread (12 cards) This reading helps us to find our inner wisdom. Each ray of light (one of the three rays of the Awen symbol) symbolizes past, present or future with possible outcomes.

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